3 TED Talks to Explain This Site

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So what is this place, what are we doing here?

I want to solve these three things conveniently covered in 3 TED Talks recently released.  I’ve been working on this 10 years, and coincidentally these three popped up when I need them to write this blog.  Thanks TED!

1 – I want to help everyday citizens claim their power.  By this I mean I see and hear a lot of people angry about a lot of things.  Things wrong with their lives, things wrong with the world, things wrong everywhere. I want to help people see how they can change what they do in their everyday routines to change the world, to be the change they want to see in the world as they say.


2 – I want to build a community for all, a community where we can all share our dreams and desires, and help each other achieve them.  Religions and other groups provide community, but they all have limited membership, or criteria to enter.  Here the agreement is to pursue your dreams, but it can’t be at the expense of others.  The goal is to eliminate isolation, because we need connection.  This TED talk shows just how much we need it. 


3 – I want to solve for 10 billion.  Science has allowed us to do so much more with so much less than we used to.  We can pull water from desert air, we can grow plants without soil, we can heat homes with sunlight alone, but we’re not making the most of these technologies.  We can’t even be bothered to properly insulate our homes, or check that our car tires are the correct pressure to save on our fuel costs.  We could do so much more with so much less but our something is holding us back.  I believe it’s the way we measure things.  I want to help people define their goals and measure progress more effectively.  I want to make the most of our tech and I want to stop things that don’t really benefit us altogether, so that all 10 billion of us will be able to live well without compromising the lives of others.  Here is a TED talk about our challenges as we approach 10 billion.


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