There is endless advice out there, which seems like a good thing, but I think we're drowning in it and not doing anything.

All of the advice seems reasonable, but how can any of us put it all into practice, is that even possible.

I thought I'd try to get the full story, I'd try to summarize it all and add to it as I found more info.  Resolving the conflicting info best I could.  So now I have the "Full Story"!  And there's only 5 things to know.

How do I know it's the full story?  Because I will update it as soon as anyone tells me there's more to it.

Nothing out there is the full story, Nothing!  We are constantly figuring out new things, and that's how this will work.  It is the best model we have to explain how your brain works, so you can know how to control it to achieve what you want.

We all know what we should be doing.  We can all google, top 10 things to do to achieve any goal.  Heck, we have all the solutions and technology to make the world work for 100% of humanity, but we're not.  We can barely resist Netflix in order to go to sleep.

You need to know these 5 things to even be able to try to achieve any sort of goal.  Do Not Waste Your Time Trying Until You Know These 5 Things.

I have a video of these on YouTube, I'll transcribe them here soon.  Check out my instagram for now.

Or I typed them up on an old site here.

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Here are pictures to represent each of the 5 things you need to know ...